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Model SP4



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It is an evolution of the Investarm O/U shotgun and it combines a reliable mechanisme and an elegant and refined design.

Technical Features

Stock and forend made with well-selected wood (briar effect)
Rubber recoil pad (14mm thick)
Receiver luxury engraved with hunting scenes
Chromed trigger
Fiber optic sight
Mobile chokes available on request (for 12 gauge version only)
Steel-shoot proof barrels on request


Model GVT



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New Hunting shotgun engineered, tested and manufactured
to meet and exceed hunters' expectations in terms of quality,
reliability and accuracy.
The model GVT is available both in Hunting and Sporting version.
The Hunting model is available in four classic gauges: 12-20-28-410. Two different dedicated action bodies have been designed for 12 and 20 ga. (28 and 410 ga. use the same action body as the 20 ga.). The Sporting version is available in 12 and 20 ga., with two dedicated actions.

Technical Features

Slender profile action body, internal batteries with double safety notch
Selected walnut woods with ergonomic design
Barrel length: 71cm for 12 and 20 ga., 68cm for 28 and 410 ga.
Special three-alloyed steel barrel machined out of bored bars. 12 and 20 ga steel-shot proof barrels.
76mm chambers for 12, 20 and 410 ga., 70mm chambers for 28 ga.
Long and soft connection cones for recoil camping, also available for small gauges
(18.4mm 12 ga.).
Internally-chromed bore and chambers.
Single selective trigger, double trigger on request for the hunting model
Long-stroke selective ejectors.
"Old Silver" surface chrome on steel.
Fixed chokes for 28 ga. (3/1) and 410 ga. (4/2). Fixed chokes available for 12 ga. (3/1) and 20 ga. (4/2).


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