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Founded in 1975 by the three Salvinelli brothers, operators in the arms sector since 1955, Investarm can boast years of experience in the manufacture of hunting guns and replicas of antique arms.
With a substantial output, characterised by good value for money related to quality, the company represents the competitiveness of italian style on the most important world markets.

Today Investarm, led by the third generation, maintains firm traditions of refined craftsmanship, commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, guaranteeing:

The whole production cycle takes place internally, from the barrel to the action body, from the firing mechanism to the parts in wood, guaranteeing flexibility and efficient management of production, which, by means of modern numerical control machinery, guarantees precision and the interchangeability of components.
While the receiver block, the monoblock, the upper lever and the forearm iron are milled in shape by numerically controlled machines, the rest of the weapon is made, assembled and finished by hand.

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This experience gained in arms production has enabled Investarm to crown, in 2020, 4 years of business.

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In true artisan tradition, Investarm does not sacrifice customer service and delivery times to increase production quantities.

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Investarm shotguns are characterized by the optimal combination of fine craftsmanship and modern CNC machining techniques.

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Consolidated know-how in firearms sector finds expression in quality products, reliable and accurately designed.

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