Muzzle Loading Rifles

There is no explanation for the enjoyment in using a modern reproduction of a muzzleloader rifle.
We have successfully produced and sold worldwide muzzle loading guns for over 40 years. We are proud of the popularity they have reached and fond of the satisfaction of the shooters using them.
Our accurately made flintlock and percussion rifles, produced and finished in the traditional way, are an excellent choice for small game hunting and plinking. Our modern replicas are designed for heavy duty, and they will stand any situation. Just try one and you will find out how great these guns are.

Hawken Muzzle Loading Rifle

The Hawken rifle was originally produced by brothers Jacob and Samuel Hawken, in their St. Louis, Missouri shop founded in 1815.

The earliest known record of a Hawken rifle dates back to 1823 when one was custom made for William Henry Ashley, a gun powder manufacturer turned fur trader, who used it in his expeditions up the Missouri river to the interior of the Western United States.

Ashley and his men are credited with the creation of the rendez-vous system, in which Native Americans and trappers would meet to trade goods, money and furs.

The Hawken brothers custom made each one of their rifles by hand. This attention to detail gained Hawken rifles a reputation for both durability and long-range accuracy.

A number of famous men are said to have owned Hawken rifles, including Auguste Lacome, Hugh Glass, Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, Joseph Meek, Jedediah Strong Smith and Theodore Roosevelt.

Our reproduction maintains the integrity of many of the original features of the Hawken rifle, while integrating modern technology for today’s shooter.

muzzle loading rifle 120b

Mod. 120 B


muzzle loading rifle 130b

Mod. 130 B


muzzle loading rifle 150

Mod. 150


muzzle loading rifle 160

Mod. 160


muzzle loading rifle 170

Mod. 170


muzzle loading rifle 180

Mod. 180


muzzle loading rifle 190

Mod. 190


muzzle loading rifle 200

Mod. 200


muzzle loading rifle 210

Mod. 210


muzzle loading rifle 410

Mod. 410


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