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Caliber Barrel Length Number of Rifle Twist Rate of Twist
.45 28” 12 DX 1:48”
.50 28” 5 DX 1:48”
.54 28” 5 DX 1:48”

Maximum combinations of propellant and projectile for Investarm muzzle loading firearms do not exceed. Use only black powder and nothing else. Heavier loads are not to be used nor is a substitution of powder granulation to be attempted.
Investarm is not accountable for loading information printed in sources other than this instruction manual.

Caliber Projectile Propellant
.45 .440 round ball 5,20 grs 3,55 grs
.45 14 grs ogival bullet 4,85 grs 3,25 grs
.50 .490 round ball 5,85 grs 4,55 grs
.50 24 grs ogival bullet 5,20 grs 3,90 grs
.54 .530 round ball 6,50 grs 5,20 grs
.54 26 grs ogival bullet 5,85 grs 4,55 grs

Percussion: for caplock use only N° 11 percussion caps.
Flintlock: for flintlock fill pan cavity with G-O FFFFg or G-0 FFFg.

Muzzle loading projectiles are cast from pure lead. Do not use lead alloys for they contain antimony and a re far too hard for muzzle loading use.


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