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Caliber Barrel Length Number of Rifle Twist Rate of Twist
.45 8” 12 DX 1:48”
.50 8” 6 DX 1:30”
.54 8” 6 DX 1:30”

Maximum combinations of propellant and projectile for Investarm muzzle loading firearms do not exceed. Use only black powder and nothing else. Heavier loads are not to be used nor is a substitution of powder granulation to be attempted.
Investarm is not accountable for loading information printed in sources other than this instruction manual.

Caliber Projectile Polvere nera - FFFG
.45 .440 round ball 1,95 grs
.50 .490 round ball 2,60 grs
.54 .530 round ball 3,25 grs

Percussion: for caplock use only N° 11 percussion caps.
Flintlock: for flintlock fill pan cavity with G-O FFFFg or G-0 FFFg.

Muzzle loading projectiles are cast from pure lead. Do not use lead alloys for they contain antimony and a re far too hard for muzzle loading use.


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